Following terms and conditions governing the use of Maseen. By using Maseen and its services, you accepte these terms and conditions. In these conditions, signals as "we" or "us" referred to Maseen and signals as "you" or "your" referred to the user.


Maseen provides services subject to the conditions below, by requesting a service from Maseen services means acceptance of these conditions.

  • Maseen starts to work on the service after receiving an initial payment which is previously identified
  • The customer cannot cancel the service and demand a refund as long as the work in progress
  • After the delivery of the project, the customer cannot returns the software/service and demand a refund in any way
  • The customer satisfaction of our priorities, but in the case of completion of the project, if the customer did not pay the rest of the cost within one month from the date of delivery is not entitled to receive the service, and if the client did not want to pay, is not entitled to refund the initial payment
  • We offer secure software, Although, there is no 100% protection in the world of technology, so if there is a clear security vulnerability in the software, customer is entitled to claim fix it, otherwise we are not responsible for security breaches resulting from the actions of the customer
  • We are committed to providing free technical support to the customer in a period not exceeding 21 days of the software/service delivery
  • Any additions/new amendments requested by the customer after the delivery of the project, will be calculated as a cost
  • We do not assume responsibility for damages that have exposed the customer site as a result of mistakes committed by this customer or a result of hosting crashes
  • Maseen refuses to use the software/service in the abuse of religions and beliefs and to encourage sectarian and dissemination of extremist, prohibited or pornographic materials
  • In the violation of any provision of this terms or the of the license agreement, we reserve the full right to cancel the service at any time and without reference to the customer
  • Delay may occur in the completion of the project resulting in an additional time in the following cases:
    • There is a delay in the receipt of payments
    • There is a delay in the receipt of materials that accomplish the project
    • The customer requests more modifications/additions in the project content
    • Estimates of time to finish the project approximate and subject to change at any time as project requirements
  • We the right to show your project in our portfolio. Project content is under the responsibility of the owner
  • We are not responsible for any third party ownership rights or brand names used on the customer project

Prohibited behavior

Doing the following behavior in Maseen lead to a permanent ban and cancel all licenses/services related to the membership:

  • Identity theft or entity or misrepresent affiliation or use fake registration information.
  • Spam in all its forms, and harvest e-mail addresses and contact addresses or other personal information.
  • Piracy and access or attempt to access Maseen's customers information and systems with unauthorized manner.
  • Attempt, encourage or support any party to circumvent or use reverse engineering, decoding or other behaviors that harm users.
  • Buy products from Maseen and distributed on the Internet for free.

Last update on 15 - 05 - 2015.